The secret to high performing teams

Google did a massive study of high performing teams vs low performing teams and published the results for all to see and benefit from.  They can be found on the site here. The gist is that there are 5 attributes to high performing teams, and one is by far the most important.  In order […]


I’ve recently been asked to consult with a couple of companies who were looking to build outbound sales teams. Here’s a list of questions I put together to understand the situation before making recommendations. Definitely interested in hearing about any questions I’ve missed. What are you trying to test? What is the definition of success […]

Personalized Outreach Framework

The goal of cold outreach is to get a reply. You don’t have the close a deal off of the first outreach, you just have to get a reply. Are you more likely to reply to an email from a friend or a complete stranger? How about an email about a company you’re familiar with […]

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Many years ago IBM, Xerox and others had extensive sales training academies and leadership programs that put new grads through months, if not a year’s worth of training before setting the free. Now sales new hires might get a couple of weeks of training, if that. I chatted with a sales leader today about how […]


For many years the focus in outbound lead generation (aka sales development) was automation.  Simple message based on Aron Ross’s book Predictable Revenue, throw it into a cadence via SalesLoft, Outreach, ToutApp, etc and hit as many people as you can.   Then Daniel Barber wrote a great piece about the 10/80/10 rule for personalized outreach.  First […]


So you want to set up sales & marketing for your company?  Here’s a quick list of where I’d start.   Identify Total Addressable Marketing (TAM) and business opportunity Competitive Landscape Where do you fit? What are your differentiators? What are your weaknesses? 5 top objections & answers. Identify Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Company – […]

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For some reason I was always put off by the title of Dale Carnige’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People. It just didn’t seem authentic. But then in one of our weekly team meetings an incredibly sincere, positive, and effective guy on the team said that Dale Carnige’s book had changed his life when […]

90 Day plan for new sales managers

I just had two friends ask me if I had a good 30-60-90 day plan for new sales managers, so I thought I’d put my ideas to paper. As a side note, last week I started listening to The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins via so that surely is influencing my plan, and […]

My favorite leadership books

I get a lot of inspiration and wisdom from the leadership books that I listen to via on my commute and often find myself quoting them at work. Therefore I wanted to share some of my favorites. Give and Take by Adam M. Grant Ph.D. – This one is my guiding principle in life. […]


What’s the best way to help a rep or a team improve? Assuming you’re properly motivating them, then next step is to be sure they have a clear understanding of where in the process they need to improve. Outbound sales development is like cooking. Follow the recipe and reap the rewards. So what’s the recipe? […]